Promotion System

Minimum 6 months time in grade, expect a year.

  • Points are accrued and ‘spent’ at each rank, removing the total needed to promote.

Accruing Promotion Points:

  • Meeting (In-Person or Online): 5pts
  • Active and constructive discussion in business poll or topic: 2pts per topic
  • Participate in Social Events (Potlucks, Game nights, Movie Nights, etc): 3pts
  • Attending convention (give some brief info/report about it): 5pts
  • Participate/volunteer in convention: 10pts
  • Attend SFI/SFMC event: 5pts
  • Participate/volunteer in SFI/SFMC event: 10pts
  • Attend other Approved Away Mission: 5pts
  • Plan/participate/volunteer for Away Mission – 10pts
  • Recruit member: 3 to 5 pts*
    • 5 will be awarded for a new/renewed primary membership to SFI.
    • Subsequent members on a family membership will be 3 points (maxing out at 5 members and 17 points).
    • Likewise, adding to an existing family membership will be 3 points.
  • Academy courses: 2 to 5pts (cap 20 points per calendar year [Jan -Dec])
    • OTS, OCC, flag officer courses, and any top level course (-300, etc.): 5pts
    • All other fictional courses: 2pts
    • All other development (real world SFA, NCO, Officer dev, etc.) courses: 3pts
  • Written article for the Endurance Report Magazine/Fleet Channels/Cry Havoc/CQ
    • 5 points per article written for the Endurance Magazine
    • Additional 2 points if the article is used by Fleet Channels or Cry Havoc!
    • Additional 3 points if the article is used by the CQ/other international publication
    • 5 Points per article written directly for a specific article (staff articles do not count)
  • Volunteer Hours/Community Service (cap 60 points per calendar year):
    • 1 point for every 2 hours if not obviously participating as a member of SFI
    • 1 point for every hour if obviously participating as a member of SFI
  • Charity donations of $50: 5pt (Cap of 20pts per year)
  • Staff work (all staff should have OTS done at a minimum)
  • Endurance staff – Staff do not qualify for points based on meeting attendance or discussions – that is expected. Instead they get 5 points per month for duties assigned.
  • External staff/positions – 5 points per month (assuming meetings and product output).

Command Staff will assign other points as appropriate for various accomplishments.

Points needed (and spent) per rank:

EnlistedWarrant OfficerOfficer
CRM3C/PVT – —WO – 55*ENS/2Lt – (need OTS)
CRM2C/PFC – 25CWO2 – 60LT(JG)/1LT – 35
CRM1C/LCPL – 30CWO3 – 65LT/MCPT- 50
PO3/CPL – 40CWO4 – 70LTCMDR/MAJ – 60 (need OCC)
PO2/SGT – 50CWO5 – 80CMDR/LTC – 70**
PO1/SSGT – 55

*Warrant is in lieu of SSGT, changing tracks from Enlisted

**Must have helped staff the recruiting table twice since last promotion. Must request the Bridge Officer Examination

OTS HIGHLY recommended for all members –

it’s just an intro into SFI and how the organization works. Good info for all.