Medical Department










The Medical Department includes the Chief Medical Officer.  Their responsibility is to train their Medical Staff in CPR and First Aid.  The Chief Medical Officer can also plan events to teach the community CPR and First Aid as well as plan Blood Drives.  The Chief Medical Officer is encouraged to be involved in STARFLEET Medical and to ensure the Chapter stays up-to-date with news articles on medical breakthroughs.



Lieutenant Grade Nurse

The Medical Team consists of Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officers alike.  First they must become trained in CPR and First Aid.  They are in charge of the First Aid Kits when at events.  Their job is to watch for signs of fatigue/heat stress and to render aid when needed.  Walking the floor at conventions, you could be the person to save a life.  CPR training allows you to give CPR to those who need it.  Texas, like many states, has a Good Samaritan Law to protect you from legalities for helping.



Ship’s Counselor

The Ship’s Counselor is the Chapter’s complaint department.  If you need to file a complaint, you can take it to the Counselor.  They will do what they can to address the issue; if they are unable to, then they will escalate the complaint further.

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