Rank Structure & Requirements

Members joining will need to be 18yrs+ or have a sponsor, see Age Restrictions.

Members of STARFLEET International are encouraged to take the exams 101-104 of STARFLEET Academy Orientation College

 Promotions are only achievements and hold no authority.  Promotions are based on completion of exams and positions available.  Promotions are eligible based on requirements but not guaranteed depending on the positions available.


Commander Candidates:  Must have made considerable contributions to the club.  Must have taken on various leadership roles when the opportunity arises.  Must have lead successful away missions of your own event suggestions.  Must have completed the Bridge Officer Certification Program for the Executive Officer (XO).  Must be able to lead the crew when needed.  Commander Candidates will have to run a recruitment table and have requested an audit by the CO or XO.

Promotion Points: Both Basic Points and Leadership Points are reset after each promotion.

Department Head Candidates: Must hold the rank no less than Lieutenant JG. It is highly recommended that you have completed the  Bridge Officer Certification Program for your desired department.

Rank Crewman 3rd Class vs Crewman: The rank of Crewman is a demotion from Crewman 3rd Class.  Members who are not in good standing, or have joined and not participated in any way (Including Facebook), will be demoted after 180 days.



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